Athens – A Gourmet Delight


If you want to experience Greece, then Athens is the city for you. Imagine going to the Parthenon on top of Acropolis Hill to enjoy the breathtaking view. Acropolis is known to be the Sacred Rock. It is situated on top of 512-foot limestone rock. Acropolis was originally built in 1500 BC.

Erechtheum is another impressive sightseeing spot. It is a temple that is built to honor Greek gods: Athena and Poseidon. The Propylea is a huge ancient gateway. It is situated right next to the Temple of Athena Nyke or Wingless Victory.

At night, you can find astounding sound and light show in the Acropolis. This show is held every night in English, and it is performed every night, except on the full moon night. The show lasts for around 30 minutes.

After the show, you can walk to the Plaka which is full of cafes and restaurants. Even if you don’t speak Greek, there is no need to worry. Most waiters can speak and cater English speaking customer. The food here is delicious and inexpensive.

In the afternoon, if you don’t have too much time for all of the sightseeing in Athens, you can stop at the souvlaki shop for gyros and authentic Greek salad. In case, you want to eat on the go, you can buy cheese pie, spinal pie, Piroski bread from the street vendors.

Syntagma Square is another area that is known for great foods. There are many great cafes in this area. Metax is a sweet brandy which is often served here.


The Land of Athena


Have you ever been to the land of Athena? Come join us on our tour to Athena. We begin the tour at your luxurious Grande Bretagne Hotel. From your balcony, you can see The Changing of the Guard which takes place in front of the Parliament. It is quite a unique show! Fifty two National Guardsmen (in white uniforms) accompanied by a marching band, walk down the street. From the identical vantage pointe you can view the Changing of the Guard which is in front of the Unknown Soldier’s monument. This is a wonderful event to witness on Sundays! I have seen this event countless times. The King George Palace also stands across from the Parliament. This hotel can be seen with a similar vantage point, but the Grande Bretagne Hotel is a bit more regal in appearance. In addition, the national gardens are across the street at the Syntagma Square which is where Athenians take a walk and relax during the summer days.

The real estate areas of these properties are called Herodou Atticou which is the most expensive in   Athens . Impressive views of the Acropolis will be seen on top of a beautiful hill with the  city  of  Athens  as a backdrop. Do you enjoy taking photos? This is definitely the spot. Let us go to the entrance of the Acropolis and tour the Parthenon (constitutes a masterpiece of architecture that is renowned worldwide), and the Temple of  Athens  Nike, and other fascinating and historic sites on the “Sacred Rock” overlooking the  city  of  Athens . Did you know that the Acropolis was for many centuries the most important religious  centre  of the  city  of  Athens ? The archeological sites are universal symbols connected with the birth of democracy. And did you also know that  Athens  received its name because of Athena who as become the goddess of wisdom and peace in ancient times? Obviously there is much to see and ponder about in  Athens , especially The New Acropolis Museum is housed on the grounds of the Acropolis and is one of the best museums in the world. This new museum is set in a characteristic neoclassical building. It contains recently a refurbished collection of ancient Greek art and artifacts including more details about the goddess of Athena. This is a must see! You will be amazed at these antiquities.

We also won’t let you miss the other sites: The Dionysus Theatre, the Stills of Olympian Zeus, the Roman Agora, the Greek Agora and the Keramikos. The Museum of Cycladic art and The Benaki Museum and the National Archaeological Museum are also quite significant. How about the Kallimarmaro Stadium? It was originally made out of marble. The Marathon runners of the 2004 Olympics ended their journeys in this stadium. Can you imagine what it would be like to sit in the stands of this stadium? Let’s go in and sit!

In addition, did you know that there is a monument across from the Hilton Hotel? Another important monument we will see is the Marathon man which is made of fiber glass and is located across from the hotel. The “Marathon Man” was built in dedication to the Greek soldier Philidippides who in 490 BC ran from the town of Marathon to  Athens  (about 26 miles) to announce that the Persians had been defeated. He shouted “Nenikikamen” which means “We won” in ancient Greek and then he collapsed of exhaustion and died.

After visiting the above venues, we will visit Lycabettus Hill, passing through the Kolani Square which is in the Soho area of  Athens . Athenians gather in this square to have Greek coffee and chat in the nearby cafes. It also has some of the best shopping stores of known fashion designers. The drive up Lycabettus Hill is the tallest hill in  Athens . It reaches 277 meters and on its peak lays a small white Greek Orthodox Church of St. George which was built in 1852. Near the Greek Orthodox Church stands the St. George Lycabettus is another luxury property. This is another photo opportunity! We then head to the Plaka area where you can spend more time shopping and eating. According to a recent theory, the Plaka owes its name to the large stone slab found in the area of the Church of St. Alexandria. Plus, the best eatery is on the top of a hill, called the Csarda Taverna.

After spending some more time in the Plaka, we travel to the outskirts of  Athens  towards Cape Sounion along the coastline of  Athens . Before reaching Cape Sounion, we will stop at Lake Vouliagmeni which stands at 40 centimeter in elevation and its water maintains a constant 2.4 degrees year-round Celsius temperature. Due to the healing properties in the water, the Athenians swim here all year round.

Cape Sounion has the ruins of the Temple of Poseidon which was built in 444 BC. The view from the temple is spectacular. I never tire of the views. Here you will be able to enjoy the most beautiful sunset. There is a lovely taverna called Akrogiali in Palea Phokea on the way to the cape where we can enjoy lunch or dinner over-looking the blue waters of the Saronic Gulf. The five star Recital Cape Sounion Hotel is located in one of the world’s most celebrated archeological sites. This is another one of our most traveled Luxury Greece tours. After seeing Cape Sounion, you will return again and again as we do!


Discover Precisely How To Get An Ex To Actually Come Back Once More

Relationships stop for a huge variety of reasons, several of which can actually be worked through. Whenever an individual wants to get my ex back, they might desire to spend some time to think of precisely why the relationship truly concluded as well as what they can do to resolve those concerns in order to have an opportunity at the connection working yet again. However, when they’re accomplishing this, there are a few other things they’re going to wish to accomplish also.

Anytime an individual desires to get my ex boyfriend back, something they should keep in mind will be to give their particular ex some breathing space. They won’t desire to consistently call or text them since this doesn’t provide them with space to breathe as well as re-evaluate the partnership. It also does not show them that they’re truly seeking to make things better. Providing them with some room may in fact be one of the very best things the individual could do so they can begin working on just what they have to achieve to resolve the relationship.

The individual should in addition take the time to improve themselves. They are going to want to adapt to being single for a while and also take a look at some of the things they’ve been wanting to do. This gives them the opportunity to move away from the relationship and merely take a much needed break. That doesn’t mean they should date somebody else, although they can if they would like to. It really implies taking some time in order to relax as well as think about every little thing.

Once the person has a good grasp of what occurred as well as what needs to be altered for the relationship to work, they’re able to start working on everything. This could take some time, but without changes being made there could nevertheless be the same issues even though they’re able to get my ex husband back. They’re going to need to make sure those issues won’t be present any more by just working on their own to be able to change and also grow as a person.

If perhaps you would like to reunite together with an ex-spouse, be sure you understand precisely how to make this happen properly. Through taking the appropriate actions, you’ll be able to get back with my ex and also make sure the relationship won’t fall short for the same reasons once more. You will be able to work collectively in the direction of a more happy romantic relationship all round.

Central Hotel Athens – Cheap Deals and Discounts

A central hotel in Athens is an individual property, designed for the perceptive traveler. Being a landmark in Greek hospitality, St. George Lycabettus Hotel is located at the heart of Kolonaki. Kolonaki being the most upscale neighborhood in central Athens is just minutes away from the Acropolis and the cosmopolitan city-center.

The hotel is owned by the same family since their opening. They have remained focus in providing modern and fresh hospitality to both business and leisure travelers.

Breathtaking views of the Acropolis, from the rooftop restaurant to the south-facing balconies will surely be experienced on this central Athens hotel. The Modern Greek, Byzantine and Victorian art displays, highlights your interest throughout the hotel. The inspiring views of the Acropolis and picturesque church of St. George, from where its name came from, are visible throughout the hotel.

Providing you with unforgettable experiences while in Athens are the main goal of the hotel’s guest relations department. They are at your service daily. Restaurant recommendations, fun recreational ideas, opera tickets, limousine transfer arrangements are just a few samples of the many services they can offer. For more information, please contact Tel: (+30) 210 7290711-19 or fax: (+30) 210 7290439

The Athenian Callirhoe Hotel

In the heart of Athens City, along Kallirrois Avenue, lies Athenian Callirhoe Hotel. This central hotel in Athens is where you can find the finest accommodation that goes hand in hand with a delightful culinary experience.

Discovering a distinctive building with well-designed urban interiors, you are about to experience the very best in luxury and service. The hotel’s location is just a short walk from all of Athens City’s cultural attractions. Since it is minutes away from the commercial center and Acropolis Museum, this makes it perfect for business and leisure travelers. It is only a 35-minute drive to and from the Athens International Airport. It is also a mere 9km away from the Port of Piraeus. This makes this hotel very convenient to guests.

This central hotel in Athens provides “upon request” services like baby-sitting, limousine services, massage aromatherapy, Air & Sea Transportation private services and many more.

For reservations, feel free to reach them at Tel. +30 – 210-9215353, Fax: +30 – 210-9215342.

Hotel Marina

Marina Hotel is within walking distances from the main attractions in the City of Athens. Being at the heart of the city, it is just 20km away from the airport, 7km from the port of Pireaus and 150m from the Omonia subway station.

This central hotel in Athens has 81 rooms that are all equipped with air-conditioning, direct dial phone lines, satellite televisions and a mini bar. In respect to the art and tradition of Ancient Athens, the Marina was recently renovated.

Near this central hotel in Athens, you can visit the most fascinating attraction in all of Athens itself – the Parthenon. It is the temple of the Greek goddess Athena. Another site to visit is the Pnyx Hill in Central Athens. It is situated less than a kilometer from the west side of the Acropolis.

For a chance to get a glimpse of the finest attractions in the capital and largest city of Greece; make your reservations by calling their office at Tel: +30 210 5237832-3 +30 210 5225641. You can also fax them at +30 210 5229109.

There Are Lots Of Options a Man Is Capable Of Showing His Love for You

Everyone understands every day life is rarely just like the films. That does not stop people from seeking the fairy-tale love. Despite the fact that very romantic movie films are sometimes scoffed at that they are cheesy, there are many girls that would certainly enjoy having that devoted as well as mindful spouse or significant other. The old classic animated fairy-tales can certainly still bring a sigh from a young female as the handsome prince gives loves first kiss. Life may well certainly not copy art, nevertheless there’s a great many who require to find out how men show affection. It won’t should be that has a kiss or possibly a awesome motion. Oftentimes love is definitely tranquil as well as kind.

Not every person demonstrates love in the same manner. This doesn’t happen to have to be hot and also major along with filled with passionate sex. That could absolutely end up being the way a number of men show their love, but it is almost certainly inside the fraction. In relation to how men show love, it is often with a fairly sweet smile associated with comprehending in the midst of a toddler’s temper meltdown. Probably it really is getting up with all the baby so his wife could easily get some necessary rest. In case you are asking yourself how do men show love, look at the time he / she in a rush the location of happen to be with you when he heard you are ill.

Certain, love is actually bodily and also romantic. It can also be difficult to identify. A person who just isn’t very demonstrative may still present the romance by simply cleansing the bakeware. It’s not that tough to observe how men express love. Seek out the person who supports the girl hair when she is experiencing morning sickness. Seek out the person exactly who supports the youngsters and also the house-work. Seek out the guy who has a delicate touch and a adoring embrace. It isn’t really truly that difficult to locate love. It could not stay in each of the evident places. The hardest part, even so, will be seeking the one spouse that still makes your heart flutter many years once your marriage ceremony night is over.

There Are Lots Of Options a Man Is Capable Of Showing His Love for You

Every person understands actual life is never the same as films. It doesn’t prevent individuals from looking the fairy tale allure. Even though really romantic movies are often belittled as cheesy, there are several girls that will delight in having that loving as well as attentive spouse or significant other. The old classic animated fairytales can still carry a sigh from females when the prince gives loves first kiss. Life may perhaps certainly not mimic art, however you can find a good many who need to find out how men show affection. This doesn’t happen need to be using a kiss or a grand motion. Sometimes love is calm and kind.

Not every person shows love in the same manner. It won’t need to be scorching as well as heavy and also filled with warm sex. Which could certainly function as the method some men show their love, but it’s possibly from the group. In relation to how men show love, it is usually using a sweet smile of understanding in the course of a toddler’s temper meltdown. Maybe it’s waking up together with the baby so his partner could easily get a few all-important snooze. In case you are wondering how do men show love, look at the period he rushed where you can find happen to be on your side when he heard you had been sick.

Sure, love is usually actual along with intimate. It is also hard to find. A male who certainly isn’t extremely demonstrative should show his love by cleansing the bakeware. It’s not that tough to notice how men express love. Look for the man exactly who supports the woman’s head of hair whenever she will be experiencing morning sickness. Seek out the male who supports the youngsters along with the house work. Try to find the person who carries a sensitive touch as well as a caring embrace. It’s actually not truly that difficult to locate love. It could not remain in all of the evident locations. The most difficult portion, however, is definitely finding the one spouse exactly who nevertheless tends to make your heart flutter years once your wedding party evening is finished.

Athens, A Trip To Antiquity


Anyone who studies the classics or has a unique interest in history of philosophy should venture to the great metropolis of  Athens . The first step in planning such an adventure is obtaining a US passport. After that feat is accomplished then  Athens  is only a plane ride away.


Passports have been around for quite a while, they originated in France and then the US picked up on them. They became valid travel documents permitting travel to foreign lands. They are required today in order to travel to another country. They used to be somewhat difficult to obtain, now through technology and the internet they are readily available as well as ll the other passport services that may be needed.


 Athens  is named after the warrior Goddess Athena. She is the patron deity of this ancient thriving metropolis. Greek myths of the clash of the titans versus Olympic Gods have permeated literature and other aspects of world culture. There are very few people who are completely unfamiliar with any Greek myth. History books are full of ancient epic battles involving the Athenians and surrounding ancient peoples.


There are many sites to visit in  Athens , each rich with history and culture. The Parthenon is perhaps the most famous of the Athenian ruins. Its is the temple to Athena that stands on the top of the great hill, or Acropolis. There is also Syntagma Square, The National Archaeological Museum, and Mount Olympus. These are just a few of the many sites that  Athens  has to offer.


The Parthenon is one of the most famous sites of  Athens . It is atop the hill, Acropolis. This structure was built in honor of the great Goddess Athena who was the cities deity. The Parthenon has had many uses since it was temple to Athena. It has been a church, a Muslim mosque, and was even a munitions depot when the Turkish occupied Greece. Through all that it has remained almost in tact.

Syntagma Square

Syntagma Square is the central of the  Athens  business district. Syntagma translated means constitution. So it is constitution square, where government buildings are and fountains and even Greek guards. Syntagma Square is where all major filming and photo shooting is done in Greece.

National Archaeological Museum

The National Archaeological Museum is the countries largest museum. It was originally constructed to hold the excavated finds from the nineteenth century, but since then it has grown. It now holds over 11,000 exhibits from Ancient  Athens  and beyond. The items featured range from pre-historic collections to the Bronze Age and also feature items from Egypt as well.


Discover Just How To Get An Ex Girlfriend Or Boyfriend To Return Once More

Personal relationships end for a vast number of reasons, many of which can actually be worked through. When someone would like to get my ex back, they could want to take time to consider exactly why the relationship really finished and what they are able to do in order to fix those concerns in order to have a chance at the romantic relationship working once more. However, when they’re doing this, there are a few other things they’re going to want to do also.

Whenever a person wants to get my ex boyfriend back, a very important factor they should remember would be to give their own ex-spouse some room. They will not wish to consistently call or even text them since this won’t allow them to have the space to breathe and re-evaluate the relationship. It additionally does not show them that they’re really wanting to make things better. Providing them with some room could really end up being one of the very best things an individual could implement to allow them to start focusing on precisely what they should accomplish to be able to fix the connection.

The individual should furthermore spend some time to develop by themselves. They’ll wish to adapt to being single for a time and take a look at some of the things they have been wanting to accomplish. This gives them the opportunity to step back from the relationship as well as just take a necessary break. It won’t mean they should date somebody else, although they could if they wish to. It simply means taking a little while in order to relax as well as think about almost everything.

Once the person has a good grasp of what happened as well as precisely what has to be modified for the connection to work out, they’re able to start concentrating on everything. This may take some time, yet without alterations being made there may be the identical concerns even if they’re able to get my ex husband back. They will desire to be sure those problems won’t be present any more through working on their own in order to change as well as grow as a person.

If you’d like to reconcile with an ex boyfriend, be sure you learn precisely how to do this with care. By taking the appropriate actions, it is possible to get back with my ex as well as be sure the connection won’t fail for the same reasons just as before. You’ll manage to work together toward a happier romantic relationship overall.

Is Your Guy Dropping Desire and What Are You Able To Do About This?

Women worldwide want to find out why do men pull away and just what may be done about this. If you think this describes your current partnership, you will discover the is he losing interest quiz to generally be of big help. There are specific warning signs that a man’s interest is tapering. If he rarely calls or texts, if he does so whatsoever, it could mean he’s planning to start working on a completely new relationship. Communication is key to a great partnership. Whenever it halts, it indicates there are problems that need to be addressed in order for the partnership to carry on. Men might also be less passionate when they’re less serious about a female, but it can also be that they’re really more at ease within the romance. Additional indications should be looked at when this happens. Women often see they are exerting all energy inside the romantic relationship, and that is not good as well. It’s actually a signal the man does not feels the need to do it, as it calls for energy on their side yet they do not want to supply the energy. This is also true if it seems the man no longer really wants to spend some time together, but would rather be off doing his personal details. The thing is that everyday life gets busy at times, and ladies usually can’t distinguish if this is the situation and when he’s actually losing interest. One thing a lady should not do is overanalyze every move. This could actually finally end up pushing the man away rather than getting him nearer. What ladies need to do when a guy withdraws is actually do the very same and take time to evaluate the partnership. Provide him with enough time to see what he will be missing out on and move from that point. This might be everything you need to learn about how to make him chase again. Each and every connection requires that each mate have personal space and also time on their own, including relationships which have survived for many years, therefore don’t press too hard. Permit independence on his part as well as do the exact same on your own, and you will both end up being happier when you find yourself together. Take steps today to keep the romance full of life.

Now Available from Snapchat: Personalized Wedding Ceremony Filters Plus Much More

Snapchat is truly one of the more fulfilling cellular programs to come along recently, and it truly is wildly popular. Basically, Snapchat lets people who have this system downloaded on their particular mobile phones send out pictures/videos to people in their Snapchat pals list. There’s a catch, however: the photographs plus video clips vanish in mere seconds of being considered. In addition to currently being utilized to deliver these “At this point you view it, now you don’t” visible mail messages, they furthermore make it possible for people to mail texting as well as, customized photographs which have a cute caption, doodle or maybe overlay of some type on the top surface of them.

This very last feature may be a pleasurable strategy to let those who are present at an function, whether it’s a party, a proper function or maybe unplanned gathering, deliver an instant hello to people who were helpless to attend. Recently, Snapchat at last started providing Custom Snap Filters for a small fee. Individuals can even pattern their particular Wedding Snapchat Filters when they so desire and distribute them for Snapchat’s approval so they have a unique overlay that pertains merely to their unique once ever function. Snapchat merely has existed a few brief years, yet by now it’s difficult for almost all young adults as well as grownups to visualize existence not having it.